Tej Pest Control was established in the year 2007 after having rich experience in the same industry. We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company has more than 10,000 satisfied clients and well trained staff. We are active in commercial, residential, institutional and industrial pest management. We provide a full range of pest management services including insect and rodent management, maintenance programs for a wide range of industries, inspections, bird exclusion, odor control, seminars and consulting services. We actively practice Integrated Pest Management techniques as recommended by the Ministry of Environment. This practice promotes using pesticides only when required and in conjunction with other non-chemical controls. Our technicians receive ongoing, monthly training in this regard.

We are providing 100% customized solution as per requirement, we don’t have any fixed treatment we change and design it according to the problem and the place and use a unique formulation of medicines to eradicate the problem naturally & environment friendly way.


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